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Parenting Tips

Britax Recall - effective 6/15/2017

Britax recalls its B-Safe travel system and B-Safe rear-facing infant car seat because the chest clip tag may break, posing a choking hazard to the infant in the car seat.

Go to - for specific details and model numbers affected.

Symptoms of Tick-borne Illness

With summer and outdoor time here, learn how to keep your family safe from ticks,

Dangers of Fidget Spinners to Young Children

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advises parents to keep fidget spinners away from young children. The toys are designed to relieve stress and help people focus. The toys are designed and labeled for children 12 and older. Several young children have ingested or choked on small piece of fidget toys that broke apart.

Potty Training Time

Thinking about potty training? Experts say avoid potty training during times of transition, such as moving, the arrival of a new baby, taking a vacation, starting a new school or a change in the structure of your family. Young children learn best in a relaxed atmosphere and on their regular scheduled routine.

Some tips to make potty training less stressful -

Choose times to "go potty". First thing in the morning, before lunch, after nap, before getting in the car, before going outside to play, etc. Pediatricians suggest making a trip to the potty every 2 hours. Even if not successful, be sure to teach your child to flush and wash hands every time.

Completely removing shorts/pants and underwear, helps avoid "little accidents". This allows for a true feeling of success. Your child should wear elastic waist shorts/pants when potty training. Snaps, buttons, zippers and belts only get in the way.

Praise the trying. Your child may not have to go every time, but encouraging words are always helpful.

Once your child is successful, colorful or themed underwear is a special reward and makes your child feel like a "big kid".

If you are having a difficult time with or your child seems uninterested in potty training. Talk with your pediatrician.

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